trattamenti industriali

GSB performs various processes and treatments, all of which are of the highest quality, both in the selection of raw materials used and under the constant and rigid control to which the production processes are subjected.

Electrolytic carry processes are performed both on frames (static) and rotary parts (parts in general) and are performed using 6 automatic systems.

The standard of quality is ensured first and foremost thanks to the use of individual current rectifiers for each frame and barrel: this allows a proper supply of current to the automatic systems, thus avoiding creating overloads that can be damaging to the final quality of the product.

Every single custom production is also stored on our operating systems so that it can be reproduced in the same way every time it is served.

Thanks to our flexibility and experience, we are able to meet the most diverse needs of Uni, Din and Industrial Specifications.

Here are the main rules and specifications we usually follow:

UNI ISO 2081, 4520, 9717, 2819, UNI EN 1403, 12329, DIN 50979, 50962, UNI ISO 4521, 2093, FIAT 9.57405, FIAT 9.57409, Specifications IVECO 18-1102, BREMBO Specifications BDS-11.24, Specifications ALSTOM MET FS G424004A02B, Specifications REXROTH BOSCH NP109, Specifications REXROTH BOSCH TC 10778001, Specifications SAUER DANFOSS GPC005, Specifications VW 13750, Specifications VW TL-244, DBL 8451 Specifications, LMN 50 Specifications, LMN 50-2 Specifications, ZFB 842 Specifications, VALEO SWF Specifications 52.004, Specifications CAT 1E0397, Specifications BMW GS 90010, Specifications VOLVO STD 5732.104, Specifications DUCATI ST_STR_008, Specifications DUCATI ST_STR_087, Specifications PIAGGIO 2798, Specifications MOTO MORINI M40.02 / T, Specifications MOTO MORINI M40.05 / T, Specification FOR CMF9 , Specifications PARKER ST 03X031, Specifications LOMBARDINI 3561-596, Specifications HONDA HES A3010-05, Specifications ALSTOM DTRF150400, Specifications OTO-RS-10, Specifications OPEL GME 00252, Specifications AMS 2417H, Specifications AVL-WN516'006, Specifications RENAULT 47- 01-000, Capitola to PSA B154101, SPECIFICATION OF THE TORTURE T05.00, VIS SP0001 Specifications, VIS SP002 Specifications, VIS SP015 Specifications, COOPER CH46151 Specifications, DENSO PF60814 Specifications.

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