Surtec 650

Protection of Aluminium

This process creates a corrosion protection of the aluminium, with no need for subsequent treatment.

SurTec 650 can also be used as a substrate for adhesion of paints, varnish, etc ...

The treatment is particularly suitable for already anodized aluminum (as well as a primer for subsequent organic coatings or paints).

Because of its low electrical resistance, Surtec 650 maintains the electrical properties of the base metal.

It resists up to 100 ° C, leaving its protective properties unaltered.

SurTec 650, meets the main requirements for corrosion resistance of the US NAVY (MIL C -5541 / MIL DTL-81706 / minimum 336 hours in NSS).

SurTec 650 complies with EU directives 2000/53 / EC (RoHS), 2002/96 (WEEE).

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