Copper-plating - Bronzing


The treatment of copper-plating is applied directly to metals such as iron, brass, zamak and aluminium.

This type of processing is normally required for a higher durability of the nickel plating and chromium plating treatments applied subsequently on the surface of the treated material, but its applications are multiple: protection of the treated object from cementation, it is used as a base for clear or dark stained bronzing oxidations or as base for treatments with zamak that precede chromating, gilding and silver-plating.

Other applications are in the electronics industry: copper-plating is widely used to improve the conductivity of the electrical contacts.

The main properties that result from this treatment are a dry heat resistance of up to 120 ° C, an electrical conductivity of 0.590 μm / cm and a salt spray resistance of up to 12 h.

Bronzing consists of chemical oxidation of the surface that allows subsequent application of dark brown or black deposits on metals. It is also used for its antiquing effect on a particular metal (brass or brass-plated metals).

Such processing is particularly suitable for furniture such as lamps, doors and windows in order to give them this particular antique appearance.

Along as being preferred for aesthetic purposes, it also has a protective function technique to the base metal.

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