The quality of our treatments is of the utmost importance and is subject to daily testing.

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We are leaders in our sector not just because of the high quality of our treatments but also because of our certifications. In 1999 we obtained the first ISO 9002 certification by the German TUV Cert. In 2002, it brought up-to-date its ability with ISO 9001: 2000 by the TuV Rheinland Group. In 2010, the company received its latest award, adapting the work to ISO 9001: 2008.

The company has never ceased to improve in recent years and always work in compliance with the current regulations of the industry. It uses a continuous renewal of policy and conducts researches of environment-friendly treatments following one of its main principles to improve the safety of all operators.

In recent years, environmentalists and scientists have made high-impact discoveries regarding hexavalent chromium. As a result, major health, environmental and scientific organisations have created regulations to limit or replace all industrial processes that use it.

The European Directive 2000/53 EC and subsequent amendment of 27/06/2002 states that treatments containing hexavalent chromium salts can no longer be used starting from 01/07/2007.

To ensure a constant quality, GSB uses X-ray instruments and magnetic induction for the control of the thickness, while, to perform the salt spray test, makes use of an NSS machine, all according to the relevant regulations.

GSB monitors daily its own installations, including the purification of wastewater. It is equipped with a chemical laboratory with a titration desk to perform acid-base and redox titrations, and adhesion tests with a digital pH meter.

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