Equipped with two static plants and three plants with rotating mechanism, GSB is capable of treating any type of product.

GSB has five automatic production plants, two of which are static and three rotary.

Thanks to the most advanced technological devices, each system is capable of memorising the exact process for every production, so it can be reproduced in the same way at any given time.

These systems are regularly checked every day through precise procedures.

The quality standard is guaranteed mainly by the use of individual electrical rectifiers for each frame and barrel: this allows a correct supply of electricity to the automatic systems, without generating overloads, damaging the quality of the final product.

GSB can certify all processes carried out thanks to the latest generation of devices for thickness control.

Finally, the company can test all the treatments with NSS ISO 9227.

Static plants

In the two GBS static systems we use the highest technology and the most skilled staff, assigning quality management for each product individually.

Rolling plant

The other three rotary plants of the company process iron, cast iron, brass and zinc alloy with the possibility of customization of the thickness below 2mm.


Every day, in the laboratory GSB all manufactured items are observed, controlled and measured, testing them for any type of problem which can undergo, for example corrosion.

Furthermore, in our laboratories a titration desk is available to perform acid-base and redox titrations, and adhesion tests with a digital pH meter, used daily to monitor all plants.

All tests are performed with the utmost care using the best technology.

Static Plants

In the two static GBS systems, the highest technologies and the most qualified staff are used, enabling maximum management of each product in a personalised way.

Impianto Statico
Impianto Statico

Rotating Machinery

In our remaining three plants, rotating machinery for iron, cast iron, brass and zamak are available with the possibility of customising the thicknesses up to a size of less than 2mm.

Impianto Roto
Impianto Roto


Every day, the GSB lab tests, tests and measures all the pieces produced, testing them for any type of problem they may encounter, such as corrosion.

In addition, the laboratory has a volumetric titration pad for performing acidometric and red-ox titrations, with digital phometers and grip tests, useful to monitor all the implants daily.

All tests, therefore, are performed with the utmost care and the best technology.

Nebbia Salina
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