Silver Plating (Argentatura)


The silver-plating treatment is used in particular to favour the thermal and electrical conductivity of main contacts for high-voltage electrical engineering and its weldability.

The hardness of the coating is average and with low-temperature resistance reaches -65 ° C.

In order to slow down the oxidation of silver a further treatment of protective antioxidant transparent passivating layer can be applied.

The silver-plating treatment can be applied to steel, copper, brass and aluminium, with a coating thickness that can range from 0.5um to 15um.

The corresponding legislation that regulates the treatment is UNI ISO 4521: This standard specifies a range of electroplated coatings of silver and silver alloys for electrical, electronic or other industrial applications. As industrial applications, this norm refers to coatings that have specific functions and are not intended for the aesthetic decoration of the objects.

GSB is able to perform this processing on a range of object types.

The main norms that are respected are ISO 4179, ALCATEL ITALY 911,041,914 DSBUF and Bticino STS 9.

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